Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The More of God

"We have access to the more of God as we embrace HIS identity as our Father." I had to stop and really absorb this thought as I read through my devotional today.

What is the "more" of God? 
What does it mean to have access to this "more"?
What does HE and as a result, we, have "more" of?
Do I feel like I have "more"?

I haven't posted in a while. I've been a bit overwhelmed with the mountain of new things in my life. New friends, new family, new country, new job, new language, new life...need I really continue? And sometimes I think I should only post if I have something truly profound to say. Which let's be honest, is not that often. But looking back on these last couple of months, I wonder how I could have been ignoring the more that God has brought to my life. What post could possibly be more profound than the proclamation of God's more?!?!

God promises more! God IS more!

I don't mean this in the "prosperity gospel" sense of the word. I mean that God IS more than our tiny little human brains can possibly understand. He offers us more love, more freedom, more mercy, more protection, more truth, more trust, more consistency, more comfort, more goodness, more peace, more power, more fulfillment and more life. When we ask the Holy Spirit to enter our bodies and our lives, we are escorted through a doorway to a life filled with so much more.

So what is standing between you and the more you could be living with? What is getting in the way? My anxiety and busyness are not bigger than God. I choose to walk beyond what I see in front of me today. I choose to accept God's more. I will choose daily to learn more about who God is and the more that he has planned for my life.

Have you been searching for more? Because Christ is freely and willingly offering you everything.