Monday, August 15, 2016

The Blur of Summer

The last couple of weeks have been crazy!  I met my beautiful new niece for the first time, I turned 29,  I sold almost all of my belongings, I raised 10% of my monthly support and tomorrow I am substituting at the school where I used to be a full time teacher.  Emotions are running high and a million things are swirling through my mind.  Life is flying by and I'm having trouble catching up, but through it all, God is SO good!

Last week I had a moment to stop and breathe.  Sitting in the shade under a tree, I took a few minutes to listen to the breeze, close my eyes and thank God for the peace of that moment.  Having a chance to take a deep breath and thank God for my friends, family, co-workers, and crazy new life was just the break I needed from the hurricane that this summer has been!!

Come September, I will be living with my sweet grandparents and have a regular routine.  My grandfather has Alzheimer and it will be such a blessing to spend my last few North American months loving on him and his wife!! I will also be able to put so much more energy towards fundraising!  I have high hopes for the coming days and am so grateful for the big plans God is laying out in my life!!